The Rabbit Hole


***Important Update***

Friends, it’s been a hell of a week and a half since we announced our departure!! Saturday the 30th was suppose to be our last day, but unfortunately yesterday/Thursday was it. Burners are off, Dishes are done, and Lights are no more. We apologize for the sudden change and are truly touched, honored, and honestly amazed by all the kind words and thanks we have received from all of you. We have been the fortunate ones.


good bye rabbit hole, hello ziadi’s

Thank you Friends,

Thank you for choosing to walk through our doors.  

Thank you for allowing us to be your dinner table.  

Thank you for sharing our food and drinks and for sharing your conversations, experiences, laughter, and tears at The Rabbit Hole.

We are beyond fortunate to have had the ability to share who we are with you and our lives have been enriched by all of you. These past 5 years at The Rabbit Hole and 7 years in Minneapolis have been a crazy, wild ride.  There has been a lot of sweat, tears, laughter, love, and a little bit of blood;-). We moved to the Twin Cities looking for a new adventure. Adventure is definitely what we got in opening two restaurants and raising a baby.  The baby is not so much a baby anymore and our restaurant baby, The Rabbit Hole, has neared the end of its lease, and we have made the very hard decision to not renew. Our last day of service will be Saturday June 30th, 2018 from 3pm-9pm.     

As small business owners and simply as people, we know we have not always done everything the right way, easy way, or smart way.  We understand that our food, style of service, and even our chairs may not have been for everyone but we did it our way. We are and will always be a constant work in progress but the dream and drive to create and own our own business never stopped.  The Midtown Global Market and Neighborhood Development Center embraced, lifted up, and supported our crazy dreams and continues to do that for so many other people who have the dream and determination to own their own business.

SO It’s not the end, it is just a delicious new beginning!

We are extremely excited and proud to announce that Hassan Ziadi, owner of Moroccan Flavors, will be opening his new full service restaurant and bar, Ziadi’s Mediterranean in Fall 2018 in the old Rabbit Hole space.  Ziadi’s Mediterranean is the vision, heart, and cumulation of Hassan’s life. Hassan marries his decades of fine dining culinary expertise with classic Moroccan dishes, Mediterranean flavors, and genuine, heart warming hospitality. Signature dishes such as Hassan’s crispy chicken breast stuffed with lobster, mushrooms and spinach then drizzled with pomegranate sauce or his Lamb Mechoui with slow roasted lamb shank, prunes, apricots, and cashews and his 7 Vegetable Couscous bring the Mediterranean to you.

We have been working closely with Hassan to ensure a seamless transition and cannot wait for him to share his world with you, just as we have had the honor of doing the past five years.  Thomas is even designing a new cocktail menu to complement Hassan’s delicious cuisine! Cocktails that feature fig infused unaged brandy, a bourbon based libation that will marry the flavors of Moroccan mint tea with a Southern style sweet tea cocktail or a verbena scented gimlet and of course a signature cocktail homage to Casablanca!  Ziadi’s will open the doors to a culinary world and unique dining experience that the Twin Cities has not had the opportunity to revel in yet, but it will soon. Fall 2018.

Thank you again for falling down the Rabbit Hole.  We hope you enjoyed the trip as much as we have. Again our last day of service is Saturday June 30th, 2018 from 3pm – 9pm.  PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE A CONDENSED FOOD MENU FOR OUR LAST 2 WEEKS.

We hope to see you all one last time or 10 more times:-).     Thomas, Kat, and Kyu

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